'Neuro-Divergence', 'Absolutism' and the 'spoiler alert continuum'.

The condensation of the spray


The wheels are in motion but there is a spanner in the works, as the bookmark draws breathe on all which it recalls, her wandering journeyman make approach for passport, of her smoking chariot in the flood and squadron formation squire

The furnace which burns in the fires of men is a blue emblem, and a side show of the palm of my hand,

Chaotic uniformity of your motorways the sequential movement of your world, are a baffling arrangement of bricks and mortar, rainbows of monotone joy

Divided factions sprawl along the corridors and make haste to battle in the arena, then calm

The needle has its own way to punch a hole in time and space, come with me now and I will hide you in bent circuit boards, in the condensation of the spray and the draw bridge will raise for peace and hope.



​The Van R’s and the Van Air’s(Valhalla dance floor) 

She shone, sparkled and shimmered into view, like a storm cloud of blue bells bursting into bloom

I looked up to her, so sensitive, sweet and selfless
I’m just so dizzy I want to dance in the sky, kind sweet lady, I am grounded, humble and kind

A boy again perplexed and at ease, such a kind, sweet princess the likes of which I never had seen

Bamboozled by her femininity the pixie dust sent from Valhalla

I’ll be with you for the long haul,
your blurred vision and the sweet surrender of the hour glass period

Now grow and grow and grow

Kew, my good chums!

Speed of sound 


Graphic of a digital sound on black bottom

The stain glass window groans and seeths, in a spitting chimney of magma, sparks and angel hair

What is this vision I see before me, an angel a devil or a heathen. A bramble which peers over, and spears into the hearts, of the desolate lives of the lost and the found

Or a thief or a healer

No God can help you now, no prayer you can say, for I am barrelling down the north circular road at the paralleled speed of a fighter jet, and I’m coming for you boy

A quartet, but a legion of reapers will be upon you, loyal and sworn soldiers of the bayonettes hand

Helheim awaits greedy self obsessed heathens,

but the light will shine, onto the circumference, of all of which the eagle surveys.

Just be kind to thy neighbour!

​Canute the merciless 

The god of all beasts is upon you, come and rest at my side pretty pelicans

For I have travelled over the ages and dissected through houses, of a multitude of liquid hydrogen sea storms,
Cute like a bunny on your tip toes, but coiled like a spring

Monumental, you are the sweet taste of the seven sea’s of azareth

Your Tokyo drift doesn’t mean shit, untill I unleash the fury, and the hounds of the doomsday asylum, fuck face

The tainted glove has come to pass on you my good sir, a sub-mariners holiday spins, and the sub-volutions, seismic shift, torments as it catapults and collides with the Apple core!
And I will levitate to the sound of the perpendicular frequency wave

you tell them I’m ascending to where you’re at, and the chariots of the visi-goths are coming along for the ride,
The summer spread-eagles through the plains, and the rainbows, into the fertile land of andromeda.

The tables turned

The wall plug plunges down into the depths, an interwoven network of tangled frames and connections 

For I am standing at a point on the earth, between an army and an ocean

But i do not cease, I do not struggle, toil or relent

I am at one with you, but walk at an arms length,

merging into the stratosphere, the walls, windows, tables and door’s

The clementine stands on the bed, squirming and turning, it rotates like a turbine powered, spasmodic cylinder engine

And as the sparrow hawk soars right up to the edge of everything, it spirals down to the descent, climbing, gliding and re-aligning itself.

Soaking up the atmosphere,

becoming at one with the furniture. Separating into stealth, as it bursts through the skyline with glee


Again the menacing man arrives, and plunges his flaming spear right into the hearts of Real Madrid.


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