I’m making the point that from one person’s conception of truth and reality at any moment in time you can consider something to be a truth or fact.. But obviously this process can be subject to fluctuation and change over time through life experience, and attaining new knowledge and information

You would know the answers from your own interpretation of things.. They wouldn’t necessarily be completely correct or a view that would be shared by others

You know everything that you have questioned.. But there is a Continuous stream of a seemingly infinite number of questions.. So I would suggest that it is virtually impossible that anyone could know everything..?

Humans cannot comprehend anything that is beyond the capacity of our brains I agree that the multiverse is almost definitely built on a far more complex pattern of existence than the human brain can currently understand, and even if we were introduced to what this information actually consists of it is more than likely that it would be beyond our brains comprehension

Yes, but In reality it’s just a bizarre amalgamation of the distorted logic of humanity.. everyone’s to blame from the oil corporations to the lowly builder or shop assistant

Freedom as a concept doesn’t actually exist in any tangible sense of reality most people misinterpret the true definition of freedom, in order to actualise a state of true freedom you first need to realise what you actually want to be free from.. Love is just a heightened feeling of fondness and isn’t particularly relevant to anything

A schizophrenic person who believes they can fly
They wouldn’t be able to fly but it would still be there own individual truth distorted by misconceptions of reality probably due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, better that than living an entire human existence working and toiling, believing in false conceptions of what you have been told is the truth. but are actually just lies that are fed into society

Running away from reality is actually reality..

I have my own reality which means i can(run from reality) other people can’t well more fool them../

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