Winter in a volcano crater


Winter within the confines of a humpback whales gut, fucking hell its cold!

The tufted ducks and the squirrels care not they are winter hardy like the conifers, the blue atlas cedar rises from the ground and looms large like a castle in the sand

The swans and the geese migrate with furious endeavour through the Siberian wasteland and the guts of Bavaria
The reindeer look on from a Scandinavian frozen wasteland and push forward towards the promised land

Party goers, scantily clad women walk breezy and minus zero temperature seafronts with the brash, throwaway playfulness of Myleene Klaas in dancing on ice and the snow queen!

Summer has once again been confined to the history books, all the laughs and summer days have been lost in the mire- until next time

The snow is falling outside it looks so beautiful but fucking hell its cold!
I walk to the shops early Sunday morning there are a few footprints in snow, it will soon be slush.. It gives people a buzz a distraction a break from the monotony for while

Eskimo’s look up to the stars from their Siberian tundra, Reykjavik is a frozen hell hole – but fucking hell its cold!

I need hot tea in a flask, my beanie hat and most prestigious coat- I need to cycle and never stop for a break, I need to spend winter in a volcano crater.. But fucking hell its cold!

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