The light which shineth through the keyhole the empty space of loneliness, there is something there awaiting a new manifestation of our consciousness and attention..

For all the tulips in Holland shall i laugh without remorse of time spent sporadically with nothing but a void of despair and godless symbiotic reasoning, come with me for all of eternity do not be late- as i have the key and will leave without you!

Freedom is a leopard in a jungle at the top of a tree, a capuchin monkey swinging from branch to branch.. A colossal sycamore tree thriving in its natural habitat, a human breathing in fresh clean air looking for adventure

Freedom are the fruits of your labor
It is hardwired for some of us as an act of rebellion, it is your recompense an all encompassing struggle for the true evolutionary traits of virtue, you must sell your soul to satan a thousand times over to attain freedom and answer to those who will never attain it,
In order to achieve freedom you must first actualise the darkness of existence
What can I say- the lord giveth and the lord taketh away

A vice like head grip.. if you have your face stuffed so close onto a book it is to close to read..! So you are forced to read and learn something, without really learning or seeing anything or realising why
Therefore life and existence are one in the same thing but they are also two separate entities.. Life is our interactions with humans in relation to the outside world, existence is your inner self and consciousness

Sometimes I think that the size of the universe we inhabit is relative and in some ways is irrelevant, whether the world we inhabit and the entirety of existence and everything is just the earth, or our solar system, the universe, multiverse or if we are being looked down upon from the heavens
the actual size of creation doesn’t really matter and isn’t particularly important as none of these things are in our control, and we do not have the capability or means to be able to go about finding out this information ourselves

I do think think though that whatever kind of world it is we inhabit its completely different to that of which they have told us it is

I believe that if you can understand how something works then you should also be able to affect and control many of the aspects with a high ratio of success..
And if you know how the universe works in conjunction with yourself you can rearrange it to your liking

Everything in existence which humans supposedly know could be considered to be a ‘working theory’
Thinking is for the masses imagination is reserved only for an elite classification of absurd protagonists ‘The absurd elite’ if you will

The only 2 things you can be certain of in life is that you were born and you’re going to die what happens in-between is up to you.

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