Time is a gentle sloping mountain brook the wrench of a tightly confined city bound blunderbuss and cathedrals of anthemic joy

Time is water gushing through into a ravine from a compromised beaver dam and a tidal surge all rolled into one

Time is not set in stone it is not clocks or Greenwich mean time it is just the here and now the present which matters.. the best and most important day of your life is today because thats what I’m going to do
I am a whirlpool fizzing in an Arctic ocean sheet lighting storm but the exterior should be calm like a fisherman in a reservoir dipping for pike

Time is a foreman balancing on the edge of a steal girder at the top of a skyscraper build,
a manga character bearing down on Pikachu with a flaming samurai sword!

Time is not laborious however many people will have you believe it is, at its true essence it is not what humans have turned it into a laborious wrench

Time is being stung by ten thousand hornets but still looking up to see a rainbow

Time is both a gift and a curse, a cherry tree and an oil slick in splendid harmony

Time is whatever you want it to be a paradoxical universe where the sun is a bowl of curry laksa!
The moon is an American hot pizza and Saturn is a curved circular notch filter saw tooth waveform! Fuck it!

Time is a swan swooping down to land on a half frozen lake, paddling to within an inch of its life and compressing the hell out of an arpeggio with a bitcrusher and river plankton!

Time is the avenger, the benefactor, the kindness and the grace the man who says no when he really means yes who never thinks twice or looks back in angst, the woman who rises to the sky as she does up her dress and has no airs or graces she just has time on her hands

Time is time

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