Hooked up to the mainframe and in the cloud


Humans are a naturally submissive species we share the peace gene with our closest DNA relative the bonobo chimp, we are mostly a kind and caring people
Imagine if hyenas or chimpanzees happened to be intelligent, which would be rough justice!

Most people are good at heart its just the case that the people who have all the power and money in the world have been consumed by greed and psychopathic tendencies, and have used humans submissive traits against us in order to have us do as we are told

The bankers, the oil industry and freemasons have all been wrapped up into a rotten potato!
Patterns, grids and rectangular fields roll out in sequential order for as far as the eye can see, the blight of humanity a third of all land is now agricultural

The corrupted souls and selfish gluttony of evil men have brought us right up to the point of self destruction
We must now turn a wrong into a right, a dark pit of despair into light.. That which was broken yesterday today must be hope

Chop down the engines of monolithic servitude, this is a process not a call to arms!

If you are nice and do not expect niceness in return the world will change for the better, the sweet nature of our kind will shine through the cold monotony, the tragedy, crime and punishment and cruel intentions of the few and of those who came before us.. Into the transcendental light of a thousand suns and the cradle of the abyss, live for today and one day we will fly high hooked up to the mainframe and in the cloud!

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