The Patagonian Mara


The Patagonian mara sits and roams in its cage it has no conception of the world which surrounds it, the people stand and stare, poke and prod they laugh and play with their babies.. The chemical smoke runs through its bloodstream as they make up stories and play games.. and pound him into the cold dead ground

The weak and nervous mara scratches and scrabbles for any crumb of comfort for any solace in the wilderness

The foxes are at the gate, they torment him at night and the dull pagans bark in the day,
the beast is at my door and in my home he is a special kind of evil, a brute and a merciless punisher,
the foxes burst through and rip out the mara’s throat

They are going to learn about good manners and proper conduct, and about loss, the mara is a half human hybrid they don’t care its not one of them..
What it says is just not normal its an affront to justice and highly irregular

But I believe karma comes back to bite you in the neck

The improper conduct of the governors will be repaid thricefold during the ebbing away of the sands of time and by the way of things,
Let the sea’s overcome them and the plagues crush their mortal remains
smudge the history books what they think is merely a mimicry of their fathers heady tales of victorian drudgery..
Use the machines to churn out ceramic tea cups use them use them until your blue in the face, you are tied to the apron strings of a well oiled machine, its a cultural prison don’t you know?

I dream of the light and darkness as one, and that I would be fused to the universe and in turn the world as a prerequisite

I believe that the light will shine in the morning even if the hyena’s are waiting to snare me, i will step out into the abyss! I go out with nothing to lose, I don’t fear anything in this world.. I’m a pilgrim in a monastery at the top of a mountain I see all I see all

My inditement of the cat which stole the cream is a crushing blow to humanity! Your synthetic, fabricated golf courses and riverside apartments are a blot on the landscape and ruins it for everyone!


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