The Entropy Singularity Paradox


Just because a billion people agree on something doesn’t make it so, I don’t have a syndrome I have a singularity I am superior I don’t care
I’m a Chevrolet in a Mini Cooper world

If you get the wrong end of the stick it is not my faux pas it is yours sir, it doesn’t overly concern me, I have grand ideas bigger baskets to weave and steel to weld

I create a random distortion in the system, what does that make me a freak or God? I have come to realise there is no middle ground

I am a frequency monster the cogs are always in motion I’m always on the move, the courage, passion and unremitting desire to swallow life whole to bite the bones from existence.. I want to climb to the top of the tallest tree, ride the the revolutions of the fastest roundabout, paraglide in hailstorms!

Tulips rise from the ground as iron man hovers just metres from the surface

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