I don’t want to react I want to deactivate like a Bentley the personification of calm and controlled ease when I’m on the streets
You weren’t brought up you were dragged up, the world will beat you down boy until you can’t take anymore, but I’m not a wild rotten beast I want to have dignity and to respect myself and others

Not like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth, but an acorn a sapling and then a mighty oak tree, I want to walk with giants way up high in the canopies, but stay still grounded on the flatland of the commons

If you are desperate if you run they will hunt you down like a dog boy, but if you have a solid basis you can build from the ground up
You will stand and look over the landscape like the Aswan dam and in turn the beaver, that for which will be strong and never be conquered

We Are not human, I am a ballerina, an assassin a peacemaker on a peace keeping mission I’m a God and so is everyone

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