My anti-me is so happy he’s like me he wants to be me! When I collide with my anti self he won’t hold a grudge he would embrace me, he is grateful to be the same as me
even if he did have a bit of needle against me, nevertheless he would throw parties in my honour, reverse time to change the consistency of the universe in my favour

If I threw him a sheep he wouldn’t knit a sweater or make lamb shank he would keep the sheep, get me a place in the Californian hills with an underground dome and a watchtower and my very own anti predator. Anti-me is a really cool guy!

Anti-me doesn’t like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, he likes a double rodeo burger with extra mustard and a dash of tabasco sauce, he likes tripe with anything

He doesn’t believe in this new fangled namby pamby gravitational force hocus pocus, he believes in waves, light, time, probability distribution and electro-magnetism

He believes in honesty and being upfront about things,
he believes in hacking his way into the wilderness with his own two hands, living off the land and being an off gridder

If i punch a hole in time and space i could send him my broadband signal!

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