Goddess of the waterways



Rays of light capture and reflect as the sun glistens off the straight edges and ripples of the Grand unions glory and swan lake tour de force
The narrow boats rule the waves, goddesses of the waterways.. Vibrant and detailed, colourful and minimalistic. They meander through the avenues, locks and rows of weeping willow archways to their docking stations
The epitome of grace and belligerent British bloody mindedness

They ferry the lunatics to the asylum no more, a bygone age of horse driven monolithic cornucopia

The cutes and herons have found their solace a haven for city dwellers

Steam barges forthwith plough with gusto along the waves and currents of the Thames, the furnace of coal shudders and pipes through, encompassing its enlightenment

The beaches sway with the tide, river silt and crustaceans, cobbled streets and canopies, Georgian bridges built like beacons

A ferryman waits for the cold and the weary, and cleanses the spirit at the starboard and helm of the captains wheel

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