360 Degree Turret


Find me a man who can harvest a thousand maze fields and I will climb a ladder to the stars Wilfried, dark energy can be cultivated to create utopia, flowers and sweet cider, and you shall be showered with gifts.
I will grow Pseudosasa Japonica to Jupiter and fly a rocket to the moon

I just need to go and see a man about a dog Darius or a woman, its an Argentinian Mastiff.. I’m fucked!

The hazy fog, misty sheet rain.. Glaxo is watching me, they are patrolling the corridors, moving in and out of box rooms, the cure for cancer typhoid specimen zero are all up there in the gods, the war rooms and chambers.
In the coffers of war dogs and Byzantium steam queens

I see you! I have diplomatic immunity, now bear witness to the ghost of your forefathers.. I’m a guy who is something other than the devil or not, but whatever you conceive the light to be, is in the shadow of the colossus! Be cool

The 360 degree turret oversea’s all, the horrors it must have witnessed if these walls could talk, the corridors of cells and archaic cruelty,
My God sits up there scheming and dreaming, he punishes and crushes, rewards and ravages.. I must submit to them all for a biscuit!

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