The god of all beasts is upon you, come and rest at my side pretty pelicans

For I have travelled over the ages and dissected through houses, of a multitude of liquid hydrogen sea storms,
Cute like a bunny on your tip toes, but coiled like a spring

Monumental, you are the sweet taste of the seven sea’s of azareth

Your Tokyo drift doesn’t mean shit, untill I unleash the fury, and the hounds of the doomsday asylum, fuck face

The tainted glove has come to pass on you my good sir, a sub-mariners holiday spins, and the sub-volutions, seismic shift, torments as it catapults and collides with the Apple core!
And I will levitate to the sound of the perpendicular frequency wave

you tell them I’m ascending to where you’re at, and the chariots of the visi-goths are coming along for the ride,
The summer spread-eagles through the plains, and the rainbows, into the fertile land of andromeda.