‘Lust is a devil disguised as love’.


We (humans) have evolved to get pleasure from sex, whereas other animals dont get any pleasure from it, just for the purposes of reproduction(mating).


But why do you think we have evolved, so sex is the most pleasurable experience we have access to? For the purposes of reproduction.

That’s how Homo-sapiens survive and prosper, just like any other animal would.


And love has nothing to do with it, or anything else for that matter. Love is nothing more than a simple minded ideological concept, that has no relevance to existence, and should be refuted as a false truth by humanity. And be made redundant. ‘Lust is a devil disguised as love’.


Truth and wisdom


It depends on what your defining wisdom to be? Truth and wisdom are merely conceptual ideologies created as a consequence of the human brain, as a representation of what actually forms our own perceptions of reality, The homo-sapien brain needs to grow and evolve before anything can change in the world.




Someone else has the person you want, it’s also heightened in intensity, cos Homo-sapians most prominent desires are sexual driven, so, the so called jealousy is felt in a far more intense fashion, cos someone else is with the thing/person you desire most in the world.

I don’t consider jealousy to be a negative emotion, although homo-sapien societies perceive it in a negative light.

We should be open about it and not be so afraid to admit were jealous, for fear of judgement or ridicule from others.




Since when can you define humans as civilised? That is a false misconception. Homo-sapiens are the least civilised of all the animal species on earth.




There is nothing capitalistic forces like better than war, to line their pockets with the blood money of murdered and deceived citizens.




Muster up all your courage in order to attempt to butcher a baby tiger. Doesn’t take much courage, especially as homo-sapiens are so cowardly they would wait outside the cave, and pick them off one by one with a hunting rifle. Homo-sapiens are cowardly is the meaning of this picture.






Or you could sink deeper into the horrors of hell. No one is going to catch you when you fall. Its down to each individual to do the best they can. The multiverse is constant but there is no so called omnipresent being or God.

Those kinds of deluded principles of belief or religion are driven by evil, and anyone who follows them actually has a mental disorder. This quote represents backwards thinking which is outdated and irrelevant.



Capitalism/9/11 attacks


The problem is the people who perpetrated this crime(the U.S. hierarchy of command) are unable to offer any kind of reasoned, logical case for there defense, simply cos there is none, they just lie to people through the TV networks that they own.

The Internet is the best source of information cos it’s not owned by any corporation or government. In my opinion all tv media, is used as a means for propaganda/indoctrination.




Capitalism teaches the general populous to follow laws of morality- ethics/human rights etc. But the capitalistic hierarchy of power do not follow any codes of conduct. They rule the world for the purposes of power, control and greed. Humanity has allowed this insipid dictatorship to fuck them over and brainwash them for far to long. Weak minded convenience is the cliche of the simple man. Time to move on!





No truth is absolute, its just down to perceptions. Societal rules and media propaganda, tell people what to perceive as the truth. Philosophy is just about individual perceptions of the ‘truth’. Its far more concerning/disturbing how politicians and the media, distort the truth for the purposes of capitalistic gain.



Old Etonian logic

So your saying the basis of logic is governed by a bunch of toffee nosed doughnuts, from some-kind of old Etonian boys club? Makes sense actually, thats probably why the world’s so fucked up.


Mangled perceptual distortion


Is cognitive dissonance a thing?! A Homosapiens brain is hardwired also through the process of propaganda, to believe what it wants to believe. Not the truth. The mangled perceptual distortion of the simple man.


Distorted logic

And so who judges whether somethings logical or not then? Bearing in mind that the world is run through the process of distorted logic. Therefore most people will misinterpret, what the concept of logic actually is.

Oh great cabbage of truth

Do you only get one wish? If yes, i would have wasted my wish, and I walk away if no, i would wish for an infinite number wishes. 1st wish- Why have you forsaken me, oh great cabbage of truth. Are you not a merciful cabbage? Have i not been a loyal disciple? And humble conduit to your will, Without question or exception? After which, whatever the answer, i would proceed to crush the cabbage with the palm of my hand!


Yeah, but if you just sat in a dark room with no access to sound or light or any other form of life, and you didn’t move or speak. You were fed liquid nourishment through an intravenous drip. and that was the surmount of the entirety of your existence, from this perceptual state of reality would time still exist?