9/11 twin tower attacks, the biggest and most unashamed deception in the history of humanity.

The 9/11 twin tower attacks, was the biggest and most unashamed deception, in the history of humanity. worse than religion.

And needs to be exposed for the absolute, ludicrous sham that it really is.
The U.S. television networks also pre-edited and doctored, all the so called live footage that was aired on tv channels.
perhaps it would surprise you to learn that, the planes that supposedly hit the twin towers. Weren’t even real, they were inserted into video frames, using editing software.
What really hit the twin towers, was most likely a stealth projectile drone armed with high weapons grade explosives. And there is actually footage of this projectile hitting the twin towers on youtube, although they did a botched job to try and cover it up!

They committed this genocidal act of terror against innocent citizens, for the purposes of control, power and money.
This happened, the U.S. hierarchy of command contrived, to murder its own people, the evidence is irrefutable, if you take the time to analyse it online, you will soon see.
I ask you, why has it come to this? How have they been allowed to get away with this kind of behaviour for so long? The stranglehold these capitalistic powers have over the world, needs to end.wtc-case-for-CD911-conspiracy-building-attack-terrorism-89139353023

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