False Evolution


People from oppressed and deprived parts of the world, have evolved through indoctrination, oppression and simply as a manifestation of their environment, to develop low aspirations in life.

Because over many centuries even millennia, for many generations of people, it wasn’t possible for them to have the opportunity to aspire to anything higher.

And for more high achieving faster growing nations, it was also the case that they would assert dominance, oppress and take control over these weaker nations/land masses for there own gain. Through- war, slavery etc.

But this treatment along with living in a deprived environment, effects your brain and the way you think, this is part of the human condition.

This develops as ‘slave morality’ in which the majority of the people are weak and ‘simple minded’, with low aspirations for their lives, only striving to achieve very ‘mundane’ accomplishments.

As a consequence of Mass human migration(people movement) this means, that this mentality(slave morality) also spreads to other more prosperous parts of the world, in the search for a better ‘way of life’.

People have also developed a certain type of mental strength and toughness born out of hardships. A survival instinct Which helps them to establish and assert themselves in a new place/environment.

Mainly Due to sheer weight of numbers (people power) ‘slave morality’ eventually becomes part of the psyche of the people and societal structure of the said place. eg London.

The herd merge as one ‘singular’ society. As it is perceived that they are stronger together, as a group unit.

This is a classic animal defense mechanism, therefore also human nature, And a way to assert dominance and control over others.

This societal(Neuro-typical ‘super structure’) can be classified as ‘False Evolution’ as it is strong together, but the sum of the parts are weak. As the majority of the individuals(neurologically-typical homo-sapiens) are weak and simple minded with the affects of ‘slave morality’.

But the ‘super structure is fatally flawed, as if a single part of it fails or collapses. A likely Domino Effect then ensues. And it completely collapses in on itself. If the individual is not strong the structure totally disintegrates, and has nothing to fall back on.

It is ‘False Evolution’ because it cannot stand the test of time. As the flock are easily led by the shepherd, it is relatively easy to get them to change what they think, through capitalistic- political/media driven Propaganda. And simple word of mouth.

And if a sequence of events leads to a significant number of people feeling, marginalised and disassociated. Perhaps due to a lack of money and/or material gain.

Other combining factors would also be apparent, natural human aversions to differences amongst each other, usually causes tensions, And if people want to change things to benefit their lives. This will signify the beginning of the ‘super-structure’. ‘domino effect’.

The Human brain is the most powerful tool/thing in existence. which ‘we’ have control over. Money and materialism are merely consequences of the human brain, therefore the human brain also has the power to destroy them aswell.

I strive for utopia.