‘Apes together strong’- A vicious cycle of generational indoctrination.


‘Assumption is the Mother of all fuck ups’,

‘I don’t assume, i make decisions and judgements based on information’.


Anyone who assumes ownership of something that doesn’t belong to them, becomes consumed with selfish gluttony, or develops ideas beyond there station.

‘This will be the catalyst for their impending doom, and their final fatal error’.


There is a vicious cycle of indoctrination that takes place between Neuro-typical Homo-sapiens, which means the significant majority, think and act in a remarkably similar way. The cycle of ‘Generational indoctrination’, has probably been taking affect, virtually since the evolution of Homo-sapiens.


Most of what all adult humans think, is set in stone during adolescent development (including Neurological-divergents), and becomes a part of the subconscious brain. So basically most of the things we think and do, and the vast majority of our opinions and life decisions. Are controlled by the brain at a subconscious level. Of which most of the subconscious brain is made up of information collected during the adolescent developmental stage of human existence. The only times we use the conscious brain, is when we have to evaluate something that is significantly out of the ordinary in relation to our lives.


From the age of 3 Neurologically-typical homo-sapiens. are already being indoctrinated (taught) into a certain way of thinking. By authority figures such as teachers and parents, aswell as by members of they’re peer groups. Autistic (Neurologically Divergent) children are less susceptible to being indoctrinated into this trend. As an Autistic (Neurologically-divergent) persons brain is wired to think in a far more individualistic and creative manner. And not to conform to an imposed social or societal ideal.


An Autistics, Neurologically divergent brain, already has a decided advantage in the way it functions, from the offset. The brains neuro receptor cell pathways, have increased hyper sensitivity, and are able to operate at an exceptionally advanced level of cognitive processing.


Recent studies have shown that, ‘long’ Autism genes cause an autistic(Neuro-divergent) persons brain cells to break-up and re-generate, which is one of the catalysts which causes a a Neuro-divergents brain to behave and react with such increased hyper sensitivity And cognitive processing transcendence.


The Neuro-typical super structure assumes ownership/dominance over the earth and everything in it.

‘Assumption is the Mother of all fuck ups’


History has shown this to be true,


The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at ‘the Battle Of Waterloo’ etc.


And it is an intrinsic flaw in the human psyche to become greedy and self obsessed, to believe things that aren’t true, and which don’t mean anything of significance.eg- religion. This always happens and it never goes well for anyone.


The same thing will happen to the current ‘status quo’ of humanity.


‘The Transcendental Light Of A Thousand Suns’ is what’s best.