Medication the mind killer

In my opinion- Anti-Psychotic drugs such as Aripiprazole shouldn’t be used for Aspergers Syndrome. They crush your creative brain, neuro/receptor cells to within an inch of there lives, and turns you docile.

i was on the the strongest possible (recommended) dosage of Aripiprazole (30mg a day) for in excess of 15 years.

I only came off them a year ago. And my personality has completely changed for the better since coming off them. I have opinions about things/subjects that i would never have even thought about while i was on the meds, and many of my opinions and view points have altered! My clarity of thought has improved beyond recognition, and I have become far more confident and outspoken when interacting with people.

Sometimes i will feel more susceptible to certain stressful situations, but its better to develop strategies and improved ways of thinking to cope with this.

Medication just controls you’re reactions and stops creative thinking.

Anti-psychotic medications are used far to liberally by doctors when treating Aspergers, i believe they should only be used for a short period of time, as a last resort.