'Neuro-Divergence', 'Absolutism' and the 'spoiler alert continuum'.

Map of the world

Funny! #Flatearthisthetruth

Transcendence is bliss

Mortar fire, siege mentality batten down the hatches and pray for a flood, being beaten down into the cold dead ground, they didn’t count on the ground being fertile

Root balls, complex root systems laying down an anchor making its mark, the arteries of the undergrowth sucking up the nutrients, the cycle of photosynthesis rejuvenates the spirit

A mountain goat stands on the edge of the cliff, on the precipice of the next realm.. Transcendence is bliss as they say!

Gentlemen start your engines Daytona begins, revving up your Tokyo drift, humming down the incline into the back straight, the rattling of chains the thrill the buzz

The angles the curves and rotation of the everafter.. The hand is held aloft waiting to be brought down with passion.


Ginkgo biloba


Mud binds the poison Casa Torres, Willow coppice is visually attractive, as palm trees sway in the swirling precipitation of the storm

The circle of life rotates and cultivates a combine harvester and the speed of light, time stops

Walls of flint separate farmers lands, I am the blunderbuss for which you have been waiting and yearning for, now move and glide amongst the rubble and furniture

Ginkgo is a law onto itself a tour de force if you will, diammatrically entwined, this is the stamp of approval, the hammer on the nail, this is the truth

Dig for victory, digging holes chopping down Sycamore trees is labor intensive, come with me to the end of time

I’m on the edge of the earth, on top of the tallest peak, down to the depths of the deepest trench, in splendid isolation. But theres just no accounting for the human factor

Flat earth is the truth

If the earth was a globe aeroplanes would constantly have to dip down during flight, to compensate for the curvature.. But they dont they just fly straight dont they?





Puffins are cute


The hands of time are waiting, from the Wharncliffe viaduct to Penzance, I twirl I breathe and walk on

Puffins are cute but so are wolves, Cthulu has won the battle but little Timmy will win the war. A soldier of fortune- St Micheal who has transcended this evolutionary phase

A hummingbird buzzes like a reverberating cymbal held by a spartan god, drop forged in iron ore the bolt cutters snap like a hyenas jaws, hooked up to the main frame and off the charts. My echo location has mapped out your position, the light house of Portas is a beacon of hope and fortitude

The monsters under the bed are real- they are twiddling they’re fingers, floating, morphing into the shadows, waiting to launch a pre-emptive strike

Painting the walls up and down side to side, in bright yellows, blues and oranges. Brighten the place up keep it fresh.

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